Do you feel that end-users are not sufficiently protected in your organization? The employees' computers in the organization are considered to be the target of major attacks for various malware and these expose the organization to various risks. As information security experts who work in large organizations in the economy, we are well aware of the need to find a solution for the damages that come from the employees' computers. These computers are a weak link despite the existing anti-virus protection and additional protection software installed.


Need more protection from malware? Want an immediate solution to unknown threats? The Detect and Predict Threat (DPT) software provides an immediate response to new threats that are not yet familiar to classic antivirus defenses and is another layer of protection for the enterprise computer system.

Defensive protection software has a lot and all of them have one common denominator - from the moment a new malware is detected to finding a solution that goes through precious time! In the meantime, the malware grows and causes increasing damage, such as stealing information, encrypting information for extortion purposes, and exploiting system resources for malicious or exploitative uses. Many organizations can not afford exposure to these threats and require immediate solutions even for those who are not yet identified.


Artificial intelligence with a pulse on the pulse


The DPT system has significant advantages for organizations whose need to protect information is critical, such as banks, security agencies, government agencies, and more. Get the exclusive benefits of DPT


Immediate threat identification - DPT's additional layer of protection identifies and alerts threats immediately. Unreasonable use of processing and memory resources, attempts to access strategic locations suspiciously, and new patterns of testing and monitoring.

Small and Easy Software - Unlike the somewhat cumbersome antivirus software, the DPT system is modest in size. This is because it avoids comparing information against known malware reservoirs, testing system performance against familiar patterns of behavior from the past.

Intelligent software - the detection and neutralization of threats is done using artificial intelligence that studies the system and responds accordingly. Familiarity with your system saves false alarms and adds new alerts that conventional defense systems will not recognize.


You do not have to know them to know they are harmful

There's no smoke without fire and that's what we do with Code Predict - identify signs and neutralize threats. The simplicity, the deep familiarity with the behavior of your system and the quick response blocks the new threats from harming you first. Within a short period of time, the anti-virus company that protects your system will create a solution to the new infected network, but not on your back, because you are protected by DPT from the first moment of the outbreak.



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