File to Multi Hash







Tool for checking signatures for suspicious files FileToMultiHash

Scan for Hash type:

Bob,Md5,Sha1 Sha2 Sha3 Sha5

super fast , up to 32 tasks simultaneous


Why ?
You encountered a suspicious file and want to know more about it?

There are large databases that enable comparisons of hash files.

Comparison of signature files sent from all over the world constitutes

a central element in understanding the types of threats and their spread throughout the globe.


What are signature files ?

Each self-respecting anti-virus system contains tools that produce coded files of signature files unique to them, including viruses such as viruses, Trojans, ad-ware, etc.

The company's flagship product,.

This tool scans the file system and creates a unique signature for each file

, thus ensuring its authenticity.

The unique signatures of the files are packaged in Any Hash-encoded hash files:



  • MD5

  • SHA1
  • SHA2
  • SHA3 
  • SHA5
  • BOB





  • Unique Multi Thread scan engine , up to 32 thread

  • Command line options for batch file

  • Idle Normal and High CPU time Options for any scan 

  • Any File type  , Binary File type , Specific Extension file type 





100,000 Files, Idle Time, 32 Tasks (Threads), Hard disk 7200 rpm

Total Time 32 Seconds


100,000 Files, Idle Time, 1 Task (Thread), Hard disk 7200 rpm

Total Time 6 Minutes


100,000 Files, Idle Time, 32 Tasks (Threads) , SSD

Total Time 18 Seconds


100,000 Files, Idle Time, 1 Task (Thread) , SSD

Total Time 4 Minutes





Version for 32 or 64 bit environment

Setup can be download here


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