Do you feel that end-users are not sufficiently protected in your organization? The employees' computers in the organization are considered to be the target of major attacks for various malware and these expose the organization to various risks. As information security experts who work in large organizations in the economy, we are well aware of the need to find a solution for the damages that come from the employees' computers. These computers are a weak link despite the existing anti-virus protection and additional protection software installed.


Provide immediate response to known unknown malware


The startup company Code Predict has set itself the goal of providing an additional layer of protection for endpoints for unidentified malware. This is done by means of the Active Detection and Predict Threat Protection (DPT) program for the symptomatic detection of suspicious behavior, and every day, the new cyber-world is flooded with new threats, one step ahead of classic antivirus defenses, which are required to respond to new threats through human labor that costs too much time Which many organizations can not afford.Unknown malware detection using the DTP protection software minimizes risks to the minimum necessary to identify and develop a solution to the problem by the promise companies.
In addition to DPT software, we provide useful tools for encoding and creating hash files used to test suspicious files. The hash files are encoded according to the Md5 encoding format used by many security companies and sent to databases. With these tools, you can quickly and easily check any suspicious file against a vast database and validate existing files and identify unknown files.
Say, if you have a fever, does it matter what virus you have? Usually not. As an intimate team of engineers and mathematicians, we understand that in order to give you an advantage in securing your organization, we need something a little different. The DPT system provides what is lacking in the existing anti-viral protection systems in the market and is specifically familiar with the systems they maintain.
The DPT system is a small, intelligent artificial intelligence program that learns the computer's behavior and detects anomalies. Unreasonable conduct of memory or processing resources, and other actions that appear suspicious.
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