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Code Predict operates in the security domain's critical areas, closing gaps and offers solutions that support and mitigate the current problems organizations face in the cybersecurity framework.

NGMP Next Generation Malware Prediction

Code Predict- NGMP- Next-Generation Malware Prediction
Based on deep machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and predictive modeling of application behaviors. The traditional defense methods are failed. We offer quick and efficient solutions to improve and hardened security shield.
The daily tasks of your teams become easy, fast, and efficient. A quick check for suspicious files and software, classification, and decisions making, based on statistical modules.
Code Predict- Whitelisting / Blacklisting Plugin
Whitelisting / 
Blacklisting Plugin (API)
Memory adjusts and processor scheduler planning are keys tools in computing resources management.
Real-time memory clean, defrag memory process, and core adaptive scheduling significantly improve your machine's performance.
Code Predict- Resource Management


Improved and Hardened Security Shield

We offer a new and unique layers of protection, the NGMP integrated solution. Based on deep machine learning, AI, and predictive modelling of memory behaviours. Intelligence, and automation are the keys to closing the gap and ensure a protective environment to our clients.

Code Predict- Stand-alone security

Stand-alone security

No updates or internet connection required - threat detection capability based on application activities inside machine memory.

Code Predict- Multi layers security

Multilayered security

Dynamic layers, from signature-based and heuristic through anomalies detection, machine learning, and AI  activity prediction.

Code Predict- Running on Safe Mode

Running on Safe Mode

Unlike antivirus and other defense systems, the NGMP can run in safe mode. 

Code Predict- Lightweight agent

Lightweight agent

Run unnoticeably in the background, small file size, less complexity, and resource requirements.

Threats prediction

Code Predict- Threats prediction

Learning module of the memory's behaviors applied. Informed decisions are taken to handle suspicious files.

Code Predict- Verfiy digital signture

Verify digital signture 

Using automated process with AI for certificate path and digitally signed data verification. 

For Small and Midsize Business (SMBs)

Cybersecurity is a concern that the entire business community shares, but it represents an especially pernicious threat to small and midsize businesses (SMBs). 

At Code Predict, we focus on closing gaps and upgrading the existing security systems. Antivirus and firewall systems are still essential components of any security strategy. Purely signature-based solutions can only detect known threats- the NGMP providing multi-layers of protection within one simple-to-manage solution.

Protecting your critical digital assets 

Code Predict- The Next-Generation Malware Prediction

The majority of all targeted cyberattacks last year were directed at SMBs. 


work with an external partner to manage their cybersecurity.

don’t have an up-to-date or active cybersecurity strategy in place. 


are aware of having had a cyber attack in the past 12 months. 


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Whitelisting /

Blacklisting Plugin (API)

For IT teams and vulnerability engineers, blacklisting and whitelisting are essential strategies to keep infrastructures, networks, and applications secure. No matter which strategy you use, we offer a simple set of tools to help you classify SW, apps, and files.

The whitelisting\blacklisting plugin is tailor-made for enterprises as an effective tool for professional teams. Daily tasks become easy, fast, and efficient. Our approach is to build a statistical model based on your current systems states. Later, we check the probability of the new events to case abnormal behaviors.

We offer two solutions within a single API plugin :

  • Whitelisting and blacklisting of files, applications, and SW.

  • Suspicious file analysis, and abnormal behaviors audit.

Memory Adjusts – Improving the Windows OS resources

You might find that your machine begins to run slower over time, taking longer to process data, load programs, or boot. Applications running continuously in the background, and unnecessary software-consuming resources, are the leading causes of those phenomena. Many times, the system is consuming resources that the user potentially needs to be allocated elsewhere. 


Code Predict Memory Adjust offers a real-time memory clean Orphan data block and defrags the memory process.

Scheduling is defined as a method used to distribute valuable computing resources, as processor time and memory, to the various applications and processes that need them. Many types of operating system schedulers, and scheduling disciplines, are existing; however, these are not always suitable for your needs. 


Code Predict CPU Scheduler Modify reschedule programs

and thread across all the core depends on resources and requests.

CPU Scheduler Modify - Core adaptive scheduling



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