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Genetic  Malware Analysis 

Improve and empower Cybersecurity

We form a practical understanding of users' memory behaviors. Genetically mapping the dynamic memory and performing events classification, prediction, and prioritizing.



CP platform is radically different. We change the resiliency, scalability, and paradigm of IT, SOC, and vulnerability teams management.

Our Six Layers of Defense

Our top dynamic layer. The deep machine learning module promises to predict and identify unknown malware and APT events, without analysts engaging. 

01/ Code Prediction
02/ AI Classification

Based on AI and anomaly detectors of application behaviors, divided into normal and abnormal patterns. Control the sensitivity of security per specific threats landscape.

Static and dynamic customize decision rules and weighing methods. Multicriteria analysis (MCA) against new threats, avoid false positives. 

03/ Heuristic Analysis

Application compromise and integrity control, including executable code protection and application data security.

04/ Integrity Scan

Files and software that are approved per OS and according to specific client requirements. Inserting and removing files efficiently, per system or agent.

05/ White Hash

Tracking suspicious activity, cracking apps, abnormal access patterns., and prior knowledge of signature-based hostile code. Notice, suspension, or blocking 

06/ Grey-Black Hash

Our Mission

Cybersecurity is a complex task that requires advanced capabilities and relies on domain knowledge.

We aim to determine possible advanced persistent threats and malware from enormous amounts of data. Always stay relevant and one step ahead.

Our Vision

In today's technological and fast-paced world, every company needs cyber protection, from the largest corporation to the small store.

Our vision is to offer the right tools at the right price for perfect protection, from efficient and inexpensive defense systems for small and medium businesses to advanced security applications for analysts and security teams. We will always keep you one step ahead.

It’s not if you will be attacked, but when.

Prevent the next data breach.


Code Predict focus on closing gaps and upgrading the existing security system, proving effectiveness, predict, identify and remove all sophisticated threats.

Longstanding Version

Protect all unprotected machines- POS machines, ATMs, and interactive KIOSK.

Standard Version

For individual and small/midsize businesses- Efficient layers of a cybersecurity framework.

Enterprise Version

Design for professionals- The daily work of your security teams becomes easier and efficient.

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