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 Keeping You One Step Ahead

Adaptive, fast and precise solutions to protect all your critical assets.

Stop malicious attacks and invisible threats, and closes the gaps within the cyber security framework.  


Code Predict is a cybersecurity technology company founded in 2020 by vulnerability analytics and cybersecurity experts. Our unique approach is to provide appropriate cyber protection tools for companies, no matter their sizes and levels. We bring adaptive, fast, and precise solutions against various advanced persistent threats (APT) in the cybersecurity framework.

The Problem

Cybersecurity has evolved over the last few decades. Due to a daily basis of new attack vectors and rapid changes in the threats landscape, the cybersecurity industry took a new turn where organizations and companies were advised to have layered security. However, the main problem with layered security is the cost; it is too expensive. Today, cybersecurity became a significant expense for many organizations. Companies must extend their budgets to purchase cybersecurity solutions for various types of threats.

Our Solution

We offer new and unique layers of protection. The basic security systems, antivirus, and firewalls are good but can't detect APT and sophisticated malware. Research shows that traditional tools' efficiency is limited to about 30% - 40% of all existing threats. Code Predict focuses on closing gaps and upgrading the existing security systems to over 90% proven effectiveness, predict, identify, and remove all the sophisticated threats.

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